Club Chairman and coach Dave Clarke watches on at midweek training

Club Chairman and coach Dave Clarke watches on at midweek training


All our coaches are UK Athletics (UKA) trained and certified. 

Our main training sessions are at Wimbledon Park Stadium on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 5pm and 9pm, depending on the particular group. 

In addition, for endurance athletes, a running group departs from Lauriston Cottage, 6a Southside, Wimbledon Common SW19 4TG  (entrance in Lauriston Road – see the Contact page for a map) on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. 

Joining the Club: Prospective new members are welcome to a free coaching session before joining the Club, but please get in touch with the relevant coach in advance via the contact information given below. Membership of the Club costs £30 a year for athletes aged 10-18 years/full time students; and £35 for 19 years and over. This includes the £15 annual registration fee with England Athletics which everyone needs in order to enter competitions. In addition to Membership, there is also a £2 track fee per training session which is payable in the Clubhouse. This goes towards the payment the Club has to make to the London Borough of Merton for the use of the stadium. Some of our coaches charge a monthly coaching fee for their time, and where this is the case it is indicated below. Click here to join.


Young athletes from the age of 7-11 begin with the 7Upsandovers group on a Sunday morning, and then typically progress to our multi-event group on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. 

The coaching progression through the Club is based on the UK Athletics (UKA) model. This encourages youngsters to gain a proper grounding and a great all round experience and enjoyment of athletics before beginning to specialise in sprinting, endurance or field disciplines. 

Ages, however, are merely a guide, and our experienced coaches will continually monitor and assess new young athletes, advising them on their best choices, and when and if they should begin to focus on a particular discipline. They will also take into account whether they already have some experience of athletics, competing for their schools and boroughs. 

Older athletes joining the Club will be introduced to the coaching group which best suits their level of experience and chosen event.

All athletes will be encourage to compete for the Club as often as possible.

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Age: 7-11 years
Sunday mornings, 9.15-11am.
Cost: £2 per session.

Run by head coach Anne Hegvold with an enthusiastic team of coaches, assistant coaches and parental helpers, this offers a fun introduction to all track and field events for our youngest members.

Thanks to 7Ups parents, refreshments are available in the clubhouse while the children are running and jumping, and each October there is a “Mini Olympics” in which each child competes over various running events, jumps and throws.

From the age of 10, athletes can join the Club which entitles them to compete for Hercules Wimbledon AC in Under 11 events, and as soon as they are ready, they will be encouraged to move up to our midweek training sessions and turn out for the Club at every opportunity.

Please note, this group is so popular that there is currently a waiting list, so please contact Anne for more information.

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Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6pm: Under 11 (School Year 6); 6-7pm: Under 13 -Under 15 (School Year 7-10)

Lead coach: Juan Hernandez

For those who are ready to graduate from the 7Upsandovers as well as new athletes aged 11-14 (Under 13-Under 15 in terms of competition), this group follows the UK Athletics (UKA) 365 model, providing a fun and friendly environment for athletes to train and become proficient in multi-events, i.e. running, jumps and throwing. Depending on development, athletes can compete for the Club at U13 level and begin to specialise in one or more disciplines. At this stage the coaches will help them to make the transition to event-specific training sessions.

Please note Juan charges a small coaching fee for this group.

For more information contact Juan.

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Age: 9-11
Thursdays 6-7pm

Lead coach: Andrew Davies

The focus of this group is to build technique and fitness in running (as distinct from the multi-sports group above) ready for youngsters to move up into the middle distance groups run by Mark Livingstone (boys) and Anne Hegvold (girls) once they are in school year 7 (Under 13 for competition).

Contact Andrew for more information.

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Under 17 Upwards based on performance and development
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-8.30pm

Lead coach: Juan Hernandez

For proven competitive athletes above the age of 15 (Under 17 for competition) who have progressed through other training groups within the Club as well as new members with impressive experience, this group focuses on honing techniques and achieving specific targets.

Contact Juan for more information.



Age 11 (Under 13) to Senior
Thursdays, 6.30-8.30pm Wimbledon Park

Lead coach: Paul Miller

A specialist training group, which also involves sessions at other venues. Paul aims to train athletes to international level and stresses that while previous experience is not essential, the will and desire to succeed, and the support of parents/guardians in the case of young athletes, is vital.

Please note there are varying fee ‘packages’ for this group. For more information contact Paul.



Age 18 (Under 20) to veteran (over 35+)
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9pm
Lead coach: Geoff Walcott

This is a group of mixed abilities and ages (including Under 20s, senior athletes and veterans). Everyone is made to feel welcome and training is designed to bring the best out in you. Geoff will guide you towards competing at the best level for you, as a natural conclusion to the hard work you put into training. Contact for more information.

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Age 11 (Under 13) to Senior
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7pm (young athletes – please contact Dermot in advance)
7pm-8.30pm (senior athletes)

Coach: Dermot Dunne

Dermot works with beginners and experienced hurdlers alike in this specialist group which is geared to competition, ultimately at national level.

Contact for more information.



Age 11 + (Under 13) - Under 20 (i.e. secondary school years Y7 - Y13)
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm

Lead coach: Mark Livingstone

Mark’s group is focused on racing over 800m, 1500m and cross-country for boys who already have some experience of competing for their school or borough. Boys need to show commitment to competing for the Club on a regular basis during the track and cross-country season.

Please note Mark charges a small coaching fee for his group.

Contact Mark for more information.

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Age 11 + (Under 13) - Under 20 (i.e. secondary school years Y7 - Y13)
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30-7.45pm

Lead coach: Anne Hegvold

The group is focused on racing over 800m, 1500m and cross-country.

Please note Anne charges a small coaching fee for this group. Contact

Anne for more information.

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Age 18 (Under 20) and above
Tuesdays 7-8pm

Coaches: Ben Noad and Keith Schofield

This group focuses on preparing the Club’s successful distance squad and is for keenly competitive athletes with a focus on middle distance in the track and field season and cross country and road running during the winter. Details of each session are posted in advance via email and Facebook, and athletes are welcome to swap between this group and Maurice Sharp’s speed/endurance group (see below) according to their individual training and competition plans. Coaching takes place on the track on Tuesdays, but Thursday sessions and runs are planned and shared so that athletes can train individually or in smaller groups as they wish.

Contact Ben Noad for more information.

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Age 17 (Under 20) to Senior
Tuesdays 7-8.30pm (on Thursdays this group is coached by Trevor de Silva, see next entry).
Wednesdays, 7pm long run, departing Lauriston Cottage (see top of the page)

Lead coach: Maurice Sharp

For runners, male, female, novice or international, who want to train and compete on the track, road, and cross country, over distances from 5km to the marathon. Track sessions begin with an extensive warm up and briefing, leading into speed endurance work. Sessions are complemented by Wednesday evening tempo runs of 5-7 miles on the road or cross country depending on the time of year, and longer Sunday morning runs of 10 miles upwards. 800m and 1500m runners are welcome to join, but those who specialise in these distances may prefer to join the group run by Ben Noad and Peter Lee (above).

Contact for more information.

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Age 17 (Under 20) to Senior
Thursdays, 7pm

Lead coach: Trevor de Silva

Those in Maurice Sharp’s Tuesday group (see entry above) normally also take part in this session. It begins with mobility and stretching, as Trevor specialises in injury prevention and improving performance, with an emphasis on core strength and run conditioning. On the 3rd Thursday of each month there is a 'Hercules Mile' time trial, designed as a monthly benchmark to evaluate progress. Mile times can be correlated with p.b.s over other distances to help assess strengths and weaknesses with a view to focusing on a particular aspect of training: endurance, lactate management, increasing aerobic capacity, speed work, etc.

Trevor is also a former cyclist (Asian Games double medallist and Olympic Games qualifier) and advises both runners and cyclists from beginners to Olympic level.

On Thursday evenings from 6.30pm he also offers a one-off free 15-20 minute consultation by appointment for Club runners/cyclists. In addition to discussing core strength and run conditioning, topics which can be covered include planning the season, training proportionality, structuring training, and nutrition. For more information contact Trevor.



Age 14 (Under 15) to Senior
(high jump, long jump and triple jump, plus discus and shot)
Tuesdays 7-8pm

Coach: Emerick Kaitell

Emerick’s group is for athletes aged 14-15 (Under 17) and over: both those who are new to athletics and those who have progressed through the Club. His programme is designed to develop motor skills and you will be encouraged to try a variety of events, primarily jumps, but with some running and throws. Emerick will work with individuals towards competing for the Club on a regular basis and achieving specific goals.

Contact for more information.

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Age U17 - Seniors
Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5.30pm

Coach: Mark Andrews

Mark is a competitive decathlete as well as multi-event coach. In addition to working with athletes interested in multi-events, he is keen to help those who would like to add another discipline to their main event.

Contact for more information.

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For javelin and hammer contact coach John Webster.